Bosch FR6MPP332 Double Platinum Spark Plugs

Part number: FR6MPP332
Stock Number: FR6MPP332
Thread Size: 14mm
Spanner Size: 16mm
Thread Length: 26.5mm
Gap: 0.8mm (0.031”)
Material: Platinum
Warranty: Satisfaction Guarantee


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Part number: FR6MPP332
Stock Number: FR6MPP332
Thread Size:  14mm
Spanner Size: 16mm
Thread Length: 26.5mm
Gap: 0.8mm (0.031”)
Material: Platinum
Warranty: Satisfaction Guarantee



Cross Reference
Beru 14FR-6MPU2, Beru Z226, Bosch F6MPP332, Bosch F6NPP332, Brisk ER14YS, Champion OE175, Champion OE175T10, Champion OE224, Champion REC10PYC4, Denso 5344, Denso IKH20, Denso IKH20TT, Denso SK20ORL9, Denso SK20PR-L9, Denso VKH20, DensoVKH20Y, Eyquem 0911007426, Magneti Marelli 062120247312, MOTAQUIP VSP190, NGK 3588, NGK ILFR6A


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