Bosch WR7LTC+ Spark Plugs ( 3 pin )


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Part number: WR7LTC+
Stock Number: 7415
Thread Size:  14mm
Spanner Size: 21mm
Thread Length: 19mm
Gap: 1.0mm (0.039”)
Material: Nickel-Yttrium
Warranty: Satisfaction Guarantee


Cross Reference , Beru 14GH-7DTUR, Beru UXT2, Beru UXT6, Beru Z91, Bosch 0242235910, Bosch WR7LTC+, Brisk A-line 37, Brisk A-Line37, Champion N7BMC, Champion OE025, Champion OE095, Champion RN8VTYC4, Denso W20EPBR-S, FINWHALE FX5RL, NGK 2876, NGK 3172, NGK BUR5ETB-10, NGK BUR6ET, NGK V-LINE NR.1, NGK V-line-1, NGK V-LINE1, NGK V-LINENR.1, NGK VL1, Valeo 246859, WEVER 015248

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